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60kg Wide Range Industrial Automatic Checkweigher for Cartons

Automatic Checkweigher

60kg Wide Range Industrial Automatic Checkweigher for Cartons

our wide range industrial checkweigher is capable of handling various box sizes and weights, making it a versatile and adaptable solution for your specific requirements. Whether you are packaging small items or large products, our automatic checkweigher for carton is designed to accommodate a diverse range of applications, providing consistent and precise weight measurements with every use.

    Product Information

    The industrial checkweigher system has an independent gravity roller weighing system. This automatic checkweigher solution can accurately weigh lost or damaged products in cartons and is ideal for automatic production lines. Due to its modular design, the checkweigher is easy to install and occupies a small area. The wide range checkweigher for carton can be easily integrated into new or existing production lines.
    Industrial wide range checkweigher for carton PHOTOS
    Automatic Checkweigher for CartonsWide Range Industrial CheckweigherIndustrial Checkweigher for Cartons


    Type SG-200U
    Weighing Range


    Limited of product

    L: 800 W:550 H: 3-400mm


    ±20g Depends on product

    Division Scale 1g
    Belt Speed 0- 40 m/min
    Max Speed  300 pcs/min
    Belt Width 600mm
    Machine Weight


    Power Supply

    AC 110/220V ±10% 50HZ

    Power 500W
    Main Material SU304 stainless steel

    Details of Wide Range Checkweigher for Carton
    Wide Range Automatic Industrial Checkweigher System5h6y
    Customized Service

    Our goal is to provide you with the perfect packaging machine solution, support customization, provide our sales staff with the following information and our team will support you in selecting the correct type of checkweigher:
    *1 Main parameters of the tested product, product size range: length, width and height
    *2. Accuracy requirements: ±g.
    *3. Speed requirement: pcs/min;
    *4. Product weight range:; Maximum deviation and minimum deviation of the same product.


    1.High performance and maximum efficiency.

    2.Large load range with extreme precision.

    3.Designed for demanding production environments.

    4.Flexible and efficient product handling.

    5.Low maintenance costs.

    6.Improve production line efficiency. Equipment efficiency across the entire line is improving.

    7.The accuracy of the weighing machine ensures that customer interests are not affected.

    8.Reduce potential sampling errors and long-term labor costs.

    9.Improve product quality to meet customers' strict needs.

    10.Cost savings increase product profits.


    Wide range industrial checkweighers can be used to inspect a variety of products packaged in cartons, including:
    1. Packaged foods (e.g. cereal boxes, snack packs, frozen meals)
    2. Beverages (e.g. juice boxes, milk cartons, bottled drinks)
    3. Pharmaceuticals (e.g. pill boxes, blister packs)
    4. Cosmetics and personal care products (e.g. shampoo bottles, lotion containers)
    5. Household items (e.g. cleaning supplies, detergent boxes)
    6. Industrial products (e.g. hardware components, automotive parts)

    Pakaging & Shipping

    1> Attach safety labels, tighten screws, clean, lubricate and prevent rust;
    2> Disassemble into packages;
    3> Wrap tightly with plastic film;
    4> Fixed in plywood box
    5> Forklift enters the container
    Suitable for long-distance land and sea transportation. In order to safely load and unload to the destination, we recommend that you choose FCL transportation.包装9ya

    Sale Service

    Q1: What is machine warranty?
    Machine warranty for one year. During the warranty period, any non -vulnerable part of the machine is damaged. We will replace it for you for free. After the warranty date is issued by the machine, we receive the bill of lading.

    Q2: I have never used this online checkweigher machine. How can I control it?
    1. Each machine has related operation descriptions.
    2. Our engineers can operate through video demonstrations.
    3. We can send engineers to on -site teaching. Or welcome you FAT before installation.

    Q3: Will you show us the following details when inquiry?
    We can.
    1. Product size (description/photo/sample can be)
    2. accuracy
    3. Speed
    4. Other requirements

    About Us

    Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of various checkweighers and metal detector automation equipment. The company integrates R&D, design, production and sales operations, and its products sell well all over the country. The company is located in Shanghai, China, and has gained a good reputation through 14 years of experience in the production of checkweighers and metal detector machinery. We will continue to focus on machinery production in a rigorous and innovative manner to serve customers around the world.
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