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1. Are you manufacturer or trader? 

We are manufacturer and we are located in Shanghai, China. And we have our own design team for products design.

2. What's your main product and what is your main foreign market?

Our main products are Checkweigehers, metal detectors, weighing labeling machines, checkweigher and metal detector combo. Our main foreign market are Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, Russia, Siberia, Inner Mongolia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Southeast Asia.

3. How can I trust you for the first time doing business?

Please pay attention to our business license and certificate above. If you don't trust us, then we can use Alibaba Trade Assurance Services. It will protect your funds throughout the entire trading phase.

4. What are the advantages of your machines?And how can i believe the quality of your product?

Highest precision (a margin of error) of our products can achieve±0.05g and the highest speed can achieve 300pcs/min. Our electronic parts of equipment all adopt international famous brand.

5. What are your company requests of payment terms?

TT, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal, International Credit Card.

6. What is the delivery time for your mechanical equipment?

Under normal circumstances, the delivery time for equipment (standard machines) is within 3-7 days after receiving the deposit (excluding non-standard machines and special circumstances).

7. What kind of Transportation could you provide? And are you able to update the production process Information in time after placing our order?

Sea shipping, air Shipping, and international express. And after confirming your order, we would keep you updated of production details of emails and photos.

8. Are you provide product metal parts and provide us technical guidance?

Wearing parts, for example, motor belt, Disassembly tool(free) are what we could provide. And we can give you technical guidance. Our technical staff can go abroad to provide you with technical guidance.

9. How long is your warranty?

12 months free warranty, life-long maintenance.

10. Do you accept customer Logo and customized?

We accept kinds of customized and logo of all of our products for customers.

11. How to install a new machine?

Our machine design is easy to install; We also provide you with a very detailed operation manual and installation video. If necessary, we will arrange for technical engineers to provide overseas services. We will share the cost with the customer.

12. Will you arrange personnel to teach us how to operate your mechanical equipment when purchasing it?

Yes, we will provide detailed operation manuals and online guidance to ensure that your operators learn. If there are any problems during use, provide a solution as soon as possible.

13. How to solve problems during machine use?

We have a dedicated after-sales service team ready to solve problems for customers at any time. Firstly, customers can describe the issue to us via email or phone; Sometimes we need you to provide problem pictures and videos for our technical engineers to refer to. After discovering the problem, we will discuss and provide you with the most effective solution in a short period of time. If necessary, we will arrange for the most experienced engineers to visit your factory and resolve your issue as soon as possible.

14. When was Shanghai Shigan established?

Shanghai Shigan is founded in 2001, we have around 20 years experience for automatic checkweigher, digital metal detector.

15. How to choose the best checkweigher, digital metal detector manufacturer in China?

Your machine manufacturer should provide you with competitive machine prices and good installation and spare parts services.
Your machine manufacturer should be able to have a smooth conversation with you and fully understand your product’s needs.
Your machine manufacturer should provide additional services such as export  data, shipping space ordering, installation, commissioning and spare parts.

16. What should you tell your checkweigher, metal detector manufacturer before buying?

First, you need to introduce your product. For example, the size and shape of the packaging, etc.

Second, you need to share your specific requirements. For example, speed, accuracy, conveyor belt width, etc.

17. How to provide you with checkweigher and metal detector solutions?

From an economic perspective, checkweighers and metal detectors can help you save costs and improve efficiency.

From the perspective of customer experience, avoid customer complaints caused by substandard products.

18. Is it difficult to operate a checkweigher or metal detector?

Our machines use touch screens and user-friendly menus, making operation very simple.

19. What is the delivery time?

Normally, our delivery time is about 20 to 45 days. But for some special requirements or solutions, we will communicate with the production department first before providing the delivery time to the customer.

20. What are your advantages?

We specialize in the production of checkweighers and metal detectors. With more than 14 years of experience, our stability and service are trustworthy. Our technicians have more than 10 years of experience, and all machines will undergo test final inspection before shipment to ensure stability.

21. I want to detect XX, the weight is XX, can you give me a checkweigher or a metal detector?

It needs to know more details such as package size, speed, accuracy and then recommend the most suitable model to you.

22. What materials are used for the machine?

304 stainless steel frame, food grade conveyor belt. Modular design, easy to install, maintain and clean.

23. Does the machine have an alarm system?

Optional. When an unqualified product is detected, it automatically alarms and displays a three-color light warning.

24. Do you have an English manual?

Of course, there are professional personnel available for video communication.

25. Can the touch screen be set to Spanish/Portuguese/or other languages?

Our touch screens are mainly available in 2 languages. If the customer requires a different kind of language, we will assist with translation.