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In order to ensure that customers can fully utilize our company's products and improve production efficiency, Shanghai Shigan provides complete pre-sales, in sales, and after-sales services.
  • Pre sales servicexlp

    Pre sales service

    • Requirement analysis: Understand the industry characteristics, production needs, weighing accuracy and other requirements of customers, and provide them with suitable machine models.

      Equipment selection: Select suitable machinery and equipment for customers based on their production capacity, product size, weighing range, and other parameters.

      Equipment installation: Train customers on how to install machines to ensure stable installation and operation of the equipment.

      Training operators: Provide customers with detailed operation manuals, train operators to ensure they are proficient in using the equipment.
  • In sales service8al

    In sales service

    • Equipment debugging: Before leaving the factory, perform multiple debugging to ensure that the equipment meets customer requirements.

      Technical support: Provide technical support to customers during the use of the equipment, and solve any problems they may encounter.
  • after-servicen88

    After sales service

    • Equipment maintenance: Regularly maintain the equipment to ensure its normal operation.
      Troubleshooting: If the device malfunctions, respond to customer needs within 24 hours and troubleshoot.
      Component replacement: Provide original factory components to ensure timely equipment maintenance.
      Technical upgrade: Provide technical upgrade services for equipment based on customer needs to improve equipment performance.
      Regular follow-up: Regularly understand customer usage, collect customer feedback, and continuously improve product quality and after-sales service level.
      Training upgrade: Provide training upgrade services for operators to improve their operational skills based on customer needs.
Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. provides complete pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services, which is the key to ensuring the maximum effectiveness of the equipment. From pre-sales demand analysis, equipment selection, installation training, to after-sales maintenance, troubleshooting, technical upgrades and other aspects, we comprehensively safeguard customer interests and improve customer satisfaction.
Consulting Service
When we receive inquiries, we will immediately respond by email, phone, or video conference. After deeply understanding the customer's needs, we will provide customized professional answers and solutions.
Consulting servicedet
Consulting service1pht

Customizing Solution

Project design, performance introduction, technical agreement, contract signing, production testing, and customized production according to your requirements. Professional engineers provide you with detailed product selection suggestions, high output and low cost, ensuring that you choose the equipment that best suits your production needs.

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In Sale

● Receive orders, arrange production plans, and ensure timely delivery of equipment.
● Provide customers with quality inspection and testing videos
● Provide operation and maintenance training to ensure that customers can use and maintain equipment correctly.


After Sale

● Warranty: We have a one-year free warranty period. During the warranty period, if there is any malfunction of the machine, we will do our best to resolve it within 24 hours.

● Spare parts: If there are spare parts that need to be replaced, we will provide them free of charge. If the warranty period is exceeded, we will charge the cost price of spare parts.

● Technical Support: We provide lifelong technical support for our machines. Professional technicians provide one-on-one installation and maintenance services online.


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