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High-Performance Pharma Metal Detector for Capsules & Tablets & Pills

Capsule And Tablet Metal Detector

High-Performance Pharma Metal Detector for Capsules & Tablets & Pills

The metal detector for capsules tablets pills is specifically tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. It is able to detect solid pharmaceutical products such as tablets, soft and hard capsules, and pills with unparalleled precision and accuracy. High-Performance pharma metal detector is capable of identifying a wide range of magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. Its compact design and flexible configuration options enable it to adapt to various production settings, ensuring versatility and ease of implementation.


    Type SG-200U
    Weighing Range 5-1500g
    Limited of product L: 300 W:220 H: 3-200mm
    Accuracy ±0.2g Depends on product
    Division Scale 0.1g
    Belt Speed 0- 60 m/min
    Max Speed  100 pcs/min
    Belt Width 220mm
    Machine Weight 65kg
    Power Supply AC-220V 50HZ
    Power 200W
    Main Material SU304 stainless steel

    High Accuracy Checkweigher for Food Details



    1. Max.Weight: 1000g, maximum speed: 160 packages/min
    2. Applicable scope: It is used to detect whether single product weight is compliant with the set target.
    3. Scale frame structure ensures precise and stable measurement during dynamic working period.
    4. The LCD operation system offers both Chinese and English interfaces for easy learning.
    5. The strong data statistic function can be used to record the detection data of each procedure.
    6. The demountable conveying belt is adopted for convenient maintenance.
    7. Solid and hygienic stainless steel construction.
    8. Protection class IP 65 for all components.
    9. Compact design for easy Integration.
    10. Cleaning mode (optional) for highest hygiene and efficiency.


    High Accuracy Checkweigher for Food Bag is extensively used in the food industry to ensure compliance with weight regulations, portion control, and packaging accuracy. They verify the weight of packaged food items such as meat, poultry, dairy, baked goods, snacks, and pre-packaged meals. High Accuracy Checkweighers help prevent underfilling or overfilling of food products, ensuring consistency and regulatory compliance.

    Customization Service

    The checkweigher for food shown may not meet your requirements, in order to ensure that we will provide the correct and qualified machine, please tell us your specific requirements, such as weight, speed and other requirements. We will provide machine drawings for customer approval upon order confirmation and before production.

    Our Factory view

    From 2010 to present, we have our own factory and provide processing support, design and manufacturing automated testing production lines for many well-known companies. Shanghai has cultivated a group of outstanding technical personnel and management talents, focusing on the checkweigher industry, constantly innovating, and has obtained multiple patent certificates. It is committed to the research and development of various checkweigher and metal detector models.

    Sale Service

    1.Consultation and Assessment: Understand the customer's requirements, production processes and quality control objectives to determine the checkweigher solution that best suits their specific needs.
    2.Product Demonstrations: Visually see the equipment in action and directly evaluate its performance.
    3.Installation and Commissioning: After purchase, the checkweigher is installed and commissioned by trained technicians to ensure it operates correctly and is seamlessly integrated into the customer's production line.
    4.Technical Support: Ongoing technical support is provided to resolve any questions, issues or maintenance needs that arise during checkweigher operation.
    5.Warranty scope: 1 year warranty, lifetime maintenance.
    We aim to provide customers with the right solutions, support and peace of mind throughout the lifecycle of their equipment, ensuring checkweighers meet their needs and provide long-term value