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Vertical Metal Detector for Tablets And Capsules

Capsule And Tablet Metal Detector

Vertical Metal Detector for Tablets And Capsules

This metal detector for tablets and capsules has high precision and sensitivity, and can detect small metal impurities, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the drug. The imported controller and sensing system ensure the stability and reliability of the detection. In addition, this metal detector for tablets and capsules is suitable for various capsule production lines and has the function of quickly removing capsules containing metal impurities, effectively ensuring product quality.


    Type SG-YJ60
    Inter Height H 770-930mm Port size φ76mm
    Outer Height H 770-860mm Port size φ51mm
    Effective passing size W70*H20mm  
    Output Capacity 50w pcs/h  
    Detection sensitivity φ Fe 0.4mm;φ SUS 0.6mm  
    Deadweight of machine 75kg  
    Rejection Way Flip Culling  
    Working powder supply 220v/110v, 50/60Hz  
    Dimension 1115*550*(1280-1440)mm  
    The parameters are for reference only and can be customized according to requirements

    Workflow of Vertical Metal Detector for Tablets and Capsules

    1. Capsule conveying: The capsules to be tested are fed into the metal detection machine through a conveyor belt or other conveying methods.
    2. Detection: The capsule passes through the detection area, which is equipped with specialized metal detection sensors, such as coils or sensor arrays. These sensors can detect metal foreign objects inside and outside the capsule.
    3. Signal processing: When metal foreign objects are detected, the sensor will generate a signal, which is sent to the control system for processing.
    4. Judgment and alarm: The control system analyzes the signal to determine if it exceeds the set metal detection threshold. If the threshold is exceeded, the system will issue an alarm signal.
    5. Removal action: If metal foreign objects are detected, the control system will activate the removal mechanism to remove capsules containing metal impurities from the production line, in order to prevent unqualified products from continuing to circulate.
    6. Continue production: After removing unqualified capsules, the production line will continue to operate, and undetected capsules will continue to move forward until all capsules have been tested.
    7. Data recording and analysis: Metal detection machines usually also record detection data, including information such as the type, size, and location of detected metal foreign objects, which can be used for subsequent quality control analysis and improvement.
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    Main Features

    High sensitivity: able to detect very small metal impurities, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the drug.

    German technology: adopting advanced controllers and sensing systems from Germany ensures the stability and reliability of detection.

    Quick removal: Once metal impurities are detected, the removal mechanism is immediately activated to effectively ensure product quality.

    Suitable for various capsules: Suitable for various capsule production lines, it can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

    Easy to operate: With a user-friendly interface, the operation is simple and convenient, making it easy for staff to carry out daily maintenance and management.

    Good stability: The equipment operates stably, has strong durability, and low failure rate, ensuring the continuous and stable operation of the production line.

    Easy maintenance: The equipment structure is designed reasonably, making it easy to repair and replace components, reducing long-term usage costs.

    Vertical Metal Detector for Tablets And Capsules Details

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    Vertical metal detectors can be used with any tablet press, packaging machine, or integrated with tablet dust collectors. Detecting metal pollutants in tablets and capsules of various sizes.
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    Sale Service

    1. We can provide you with manuals/videos for machine installation, adjustment, setup, and maintenance.
    2. If any problems occur and you are unable to find a solution, either through telecommunications or online 24-hour face-to-face communication.
    3. If you agree to pay the fees, engineers and technicians can be dispatched to your country/region to provide services.
    4. The machine has a one-year warranty period, and the electrical part has a two-year warranty period. During the warranty period, if any parts are not artificially damaged. We will replace it with a new one for you free of charge. The warranty period will start after the machine is shipped and we receive the bill of lading.
    Shanghai Shigan has an independent after-sales service team. If there is an emergency situation, please call sales personnel or our after-sales manager.


    1. Before packaged, the machines will be tested strictly to guarantee the stability and high accuracy.
    2. After tested, the machines will be wrapped with plastic sheet and carefully packed in wooden cases.
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