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SG-ML80 Pipeline Metal Detector For Liquid Paste

Metal Detector For food

SG-ML80 Pipeline Metal Detector For Liquid Paste

The pipeline metal detector is a fully enclosed detection method mainly used for metal detection before packaging, and can detect powder, granules, paste, and liquid. It can effectively identify various magnetic and non-magnetic fine metals (such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc)y in materials.


    Type SG-ML80
    Pipe inner diameter 80
    Detection Sensitivity Fe φ0.6; SUS304 φ1.2
    Pipe flow 2 t/h
    Deadweight of Machine 120kg
    Product default quantity 100 type
    Detected product form Powder, small particles, liquid, paste
    Air Source Requirement ≥ 0.5MPA
    Alarm Way When metal is detectedm it will be alarmed and automatically rejected
    Pipe Material PP

    Support ODM/OEM

    Shanghai Shigan provides customized services for food assembly line metal detector applications to users in various industries, including the following aspects:
    1. Professional selection: Based on the production status and needs of users, Shanghai Shigan provides customers with suitable metal detection machine models to ensure that the equipment can meet the requirements of practical application scenarios.

    2. Customized solutions: Based on the specific needs of users, Shanghai Shigan provides personalized metal testing or quality anomaly solutions to meet their high requirements for product quality.

    3. Economic and practical solution design: Shanghai Shigan tailors a digital metal testing machine solution with appropriate specifications and economic practicality for users, reducing investment costs and improving production efficiency.

    4. Front end and rear end connection auxiliary mechanisms: Based on the specific situation of the user's assembly line equipment, Shanghai Shigan customizes front-end and back-end connection auxiliary mechanisms for the user, ensuring seamless integration between the metal detection machine and upstream and downstream equipment.
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    Main Advantages

    1. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which gives it excellent waterproof performance.
    2. Adopting phase adjustment technology.
    3. Adopting high-speed digital signal processing devices and intelligent algorithms to make it more stable and efficient;
    4. Can detect various metal materials such as iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and lead.
    5. LCD screen display, simple and convenient operation, easy to achieve human-machine dialogue operation.
    6. The intelligent self-learning function can adapt to the testing of various products.
    7. Can preset and set numbering for up to 100 products.

    Using Range

    Pipeline metal detector is widely used in Food processing, pharmaceutical industry, dairy industry, packaging industry, seafood, spices, dried fruits, meat processing, grains, candies and other granular, powder, liquid, sauce products.
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    Packaing & Shipping

    High quality materials: The plywood box is made of high-quality wood, which is sturdy, durable, and has good load-bearing capacity.

    Fumigation treatment: The export fumigated plywood box has undergone strict fumigation treatment to ensure that it does not contain any harmful organisms and meets international export standards.

    Quick connection design: The box adopts a quick connection design, which is easy to disassemble and assemble, saving time and reducing labor intensity.

    Easy to open and reuse: The box design is simple, easy to open, and convenient for loading and unloading goods. Meanwhile, plywood boxes can be reused, reducing logistics costs.

    Internal plastic film packaging: The box is packaged with plastic film to effectively protect the goods from salt, wind, or damage. In addition, plastic film has good sealing performance, which can prevent microbial invasion and ensure the safety of goods.
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    Sale Service

    1. The products sold to customers in one year, non-human or external causes of quality problems caused by the implementation of free maintenance and lifetime sales.
    2. Customers purchase the product, if there is a problem in the installation of technology, our company will cooperate fully solve the problem.
    3. Provide 24-hour online service, and provide solutions as soon as the machine encounters problems during use.

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