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Digtal All-metal Detector for Food Industry

Metal Detector For food

Digtal All-metal Detector for Food Industry

Digtal all-metal detector is a metal detection equipment that adopts advanced digital intelligent technology, which can achieve full digitalization and intelligent detection. Metal detector for food industry is used to detect metal impurities in products, such as iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. This device has high sensitivity and anti-interference ability.


    Type SG-M400 Digital All-metal Detector Machine (Accept custom)
    Detection Sensitivity(Empty statue) H 100mm: Fe≥ φ0.8mm, Non-Fe ≥φ1.5mm, SUS≥φ1.5mm; H 120mm: Fe≥ φ0.8mm, Non-Fe ≥φ1.5mm, SUS≥φ2.0mm; H 150mm: Fe≥ φ1.0mm, Non-Fe ≥φ1.5mm, SUS≥φ2.0mm; H 200mm: Fe≥ φ1.28mm, Non-Fe ≥φ2.0mm, SUS≥φ2.5mm
    Effective hole width detection 150-1000mm (Accept custom)
    Effective hole detection level 80-500mm(Accept custom)
    Conveyor belt,max speed 25m/min
    Material for conveyor belt Food grade PU belt
    Protection grade IP65
    Display and operation mode LED flat key input
    Deadweight of machine About 120kg
    Powder supply AC220V 50Hz
    Powder 200w
    Alarm way Alarm and belt stop, or automatically reject
    Overall dimensions About L1500xW850xH950 mm(Design drawing prevail)
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    Customized Services

    Our goal is to provide you with a perfect food metal detector solution, support customization, and explain to our company the situation of metal detecting materials, metal detecting equipment (bag size, material), expected production, etc., in order to provide you with suitable product models. If there are any other technical requirements, we will do our best to solve them.
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    Digtal All-metal Detector Details

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    Main Advantages

    High sensitivity: Food metal detection machines can detect very small metal particles, such as 0.7mm iron balls, ensuring that even small metal impurities can be detected in a timely manner.
    Intelligent recognition: Adopting intelligent recognition technology, it can self-learning and memory product characteristics, effectively eliminating interference caused by various product effects, such as environmental factors such as humidity and temperature.
    Dual signal processing: Equipped with dual signal detection circuit merging technology, when metal objects pass through, the signal level indicator light will display different induction strengths based on the size of the metal.
    Easy to operate: With a user-friendly interface and a conversational touch screen, the device is easy to operate and get started.
    High flexibility: With product effect adjustment function, both ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be independently adjusted, and it also has anti leakage function to ensure that multiple metal signals will not be missed when passing through.
    Energy saving and environmental protection: When there is no detected object passing through, the instrument is in a sleep working state. The detection is only effective when the object passes through, saving energy.
    Alarm system: When metal foreign objects are detected, it will sound and light an alarm and shut down to ensure the smooth operation of the production line.
    Data management: With database functionality, it can store and export detection data, facilitating quality control and traceability.
    Adapt to international standards: comply with HACCP certification standards to ensure food safety meets international standards.


    Strong adaptability: suitable for various industries, such as food, seasoning, candy, pasta, submerged frozen products, aquatic vegetables, clothing and toys, plastic leather, rubber chemicals, knitted shoes and hats, bedding, and coal mining power plants.
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    Digtal All-metal Detector Factory View

    Digtal All-metal Detector for Food Industry8w0kOur Customers & Exhibitions1fki
    Our company fully utilizes patented technology, optimizes product structure, improves product performance, meets market and customer needs, and enhances product competitiveness in the market.
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    After Sale Service

    Firstly, we provide installation and debugging services. Our professional technical personnel will be responsible for the installation, debugging, and training of equipment through online video one-on-one, ensuring that the equipment operates smoothly according to operating procedures and answering customer questions encountered during the operation process. We will provide detailed operation training, including machine startup, shutdown, daily maintenance, and troubleshooting.

    Secondly, with a one-year warranty period and lifelong maintenance, vulnerable parts are sold at cost price.

    In addition, we also provide regular equipment maintenance services and quick response repair services to reduce equipment downtime and ensure continuous production on the production line. We will provide original spare parts supply to ensure the quality and performance of the spare parts.

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