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Real-Time Printing Checkweigher and Labeling Machine Combo

Automatic Checkweigher

Real-Time Printing Checkweigher and Labeling Machine Combo

The checkweigher and labeling machine combo can weigh the packaged items while running at high speed to complete the positioning and labeling of the packaging. The labeling head has various forms and labeling methods. Air blowing, rotating and stamping labeling heads are optional. The modular design of the checkweigher and labeling machine combo is also quite outstanding in terms of flexibility, durability and easy maintenance.


    Type SG-T300
    Weighing Range 5-3000g
    Limited of product L: 350 W:300 H: UP 3mm
    Accuracy ±0.3g-0.5g Depends on product
    Division Scale 0.1g
    Belt Speed 0- 30 m/min
    Max Speed  30 pcs/min
    Belt Width 300mm
    Print Methods
    Heat transfer pr direct heating printing
    Print Specification
    Max Print Width 104mm
    Machine Weight
    Power Supply
    AC 220V ±10% 50HZ
    Main Material
    SU304 stainless steel

    How to Choose the Checkweigher and Labeling Machine Combo?

    Step1, determine the series according to the size, weight range and use of the product you need to post the target.
    If the weight is within 300g and the size is 150*90*30mm, the model SG-150 is selected, and the bandwidth is 150mm. It is more appropriate.

    Step2, determine that you need to call the form of re -posting the target, qi blowing labeling, etc.

    Step3, determine the height and width of your existing assembly line, and the space for us to use.
    The fourth step is to determine the function you need to select; such as USB storage data, real -time transmission of weight data, alarm, and so on.
    In order to provide more accurate parameters, solutions, and quotations, it is recommended that you contact our heads of our company to help you complete the selection.
    Capsule And Tablets Checkweigher For Pharmaceutical5sxi


    1. Various labeling methods are available.
    2. The fuselage structure design is compact, easy to disassemble and clean.
    3. Can dynamically generate barcode/QR code.
    4. Labeling content can be edited at will.
    5. Three-level operation authority management, support self-set password.
    6. 100 product recipe presets can be stored.
    Real-Time Printing Checkweigher and Labeling Machine Combo1eac
    Real-Time Printing Checkweigher and Labeling Machine Combo21uh

    Using Range

    1. Food industry: It is used for the weight and labels of packaging and labels of meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables, fast food and other packaging to ensure that the weight of the product packaging is accurate and meet food safety requirements.
    2. Logistics industry: Code scanning, weighing and single image collection of parcels during receiving parts to improve the efficiency and accuracy of logistics.
    3. Retail industry: Weighing the product and labeling on the price, which is convenient for consumers to quickly identify and purchase.
    4. Manufacturing: Weighing the products produced, and posted information such as product specifications, serial numbers, etc. to facilitate production management and traceability.
    5. Chemical industry: Weighing labels used for dangerous goods or chemical packaging parts to ensure that packaging safety meets the requirements.
    6. Pharmaceutical industry: Weighing and labeling for drug packaging to ensure the accuracy and traceability of drug packaging.
    7. Cosmetics industry: Weight and labels for cosmetics packaging, improve the grade and information transparency of product packaging.
    8. Other industries that require packaging weight control and information stickers.
    Real-Time Printing Checkweigher and Labeling Machine Combo3pp3

    Sale Service

    1. When we receive your inquiry, we will customize the product for you according to your needs and requirements, and we will recommend you the most suitable machine for you.
    2. We will reply to your email within 12 hours.
    3. We provide responsible and complete after -sales service.
    4. Technical support, we can provide debug videos.
    5. One -year warranty, lifelong maintenance.

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