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Metal Detector for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Metal Detector For Pharmaceutical

Metal Detector for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Metal detector for the pharmaceutical industry adopts advanced magnetic induction technology and can detect 0.7mm iron balls. High sensitivity and anti-interference ability enable it to accurately identify metal impurities in drugs, such as iron, copper, aluminum, tin, lead, stainless steel, etc. The metal detector for the pharmaceutical industry has dual signal display function, which can display different induction intensities according to the size of the metal.


    Digital metal detectors are suitable for various industries and fields such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, clothing, rubber, toys, papermaking, sanitary products, electronics, and recycled resources. They are used to detect various metal impurities such as metal shavings, broken needles, iron wires, lead, copper, aluminum, tin, stainless steel, etc. that are mixed or lost in raw materials or products.
    Customized Slope Type Metal Detector for Industrial5j6d


    Detection window height 120mm. (Regular size: 100/120/150/200mm, other heights can be customized according to requirements, and the higher the window height, the lower the sensitivity accordingly.)
    Detection window width 300-500mm
    Body material Made of all stainless steel
    Sensitivity Iron ball φ 0.8mm- φ 2.5 mm
    Non ferromagnetic metals such as stainless steel 304 type copper and aluminum ≥ φ 1.2 mm
    Power supply 220V 50Hz
    Power 120W
    Alarm method Sound and light alarm, and automatic shutdown
    External dimensions (length × wide × Height (mm) 1600 × eight hundred and forty × 1005
    Weight Approximately 250 kg


    1. Function: Set various required functions and modes, and set self check function.
    2. Sensitivity: Divided into different gears, adjustable to increase or decrease (1-63 gears adjustable).
    3. The feasibility of adjusting the sensitivity of electric frequency display reflects the metal index.
    5. When trace metals are detected, sound, light, and instrument alarms simultaneously, and unqualified products automatically stop working.
    6. It has a self check function, which can check whether the instrument is normal on its own to avoid unnecessary maintenance.
    7. The entire machine is made of industrial stainless steel, which is waterproof, rust proof, hygienic, and easy to clean.
    8. The conveyor belt is environmentally friendly. Food grade conveyor belt, suitable for temperature range of -20C to 65C, convenient for working in the refrigeration area.
    9. Combination micro subwoofer environmentally friendly motor, continuous use without malfunction.
    10. Equipped with leakage protection function and high safety factor.

    Support Customzied 

    This metal detector for the pharmaceutical industry is exclusively customized according to customer requirements and may not meet your requirements. Our company's digital metal detection machines are available in stock from the factory and offer non-standard customized equipment. We offer a variety of metal testing machine solutions for free. Please feel free to contact us at any time.
    Accurate Capsule Tablet Sample Check Weigher0168kMetal Detector for the Pharmaceutical Industry1ehk

    After Sale Service

    1. Customer consultation and technical support: Provide customers with consultation services related to product use, repair, and maintenance, and answer any problems they encounter during operation and use.
    2. Technical training: Provide training on product operation, maintenance, and repair to meet customer needs, ensuring that customers can use and maintain products correctly.
    3. Accessory supply: Provide original accessories to ensure the quality and performance of the accessories and meet the needs of users.
    4. One year warranty and lifelong maintenance
    6. After sales service tracking: Track and provide feedback on the after-sales service process, timely understand customer needs and opinions, and continuously improve service quality.

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