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Aluminum Foil Packaging Metal Detector for Pharmaceutical

Metal Detector For Pharmaceutical

Aluminum Foil Packaging Metal Detector for Pharmaceutical

Aluminum foil packaging metal detector is a device specifically designed to detect metal impurities in aluminum foil packaging medicines, to ensure the safety and purity of drugs. This type of metal detector for pharmaceutical typically uses highly sensitive metal detection techniques, such as magnetic testing, eddy current testing, or ultrasonic testing, to detect small metal particles in medicines.



    Main Features And Functions

    1. High sensitivity: The aluminum foil packaging drug metal detection machine has a high sensitivity detection ability, which can detect very small metal particles, ensuring the purity of the drug.
    2. Specially designed for aluminum foil packaging: This device takes into account the special characteristics of aluminum foil packaging and can adapt to different aluminum foil thicknesses and working environments.
    3. Easy to operate: Aluminum foil packaging drug metal detection machines usually have a simple operating interface, allowing operators to easily set detection parameters and perform testing.
    4. Integrated automation: Compatible with modern production lines, it can automatically detect and remove drug packaging containing metal impurities.
    5. Compliant with regulatory requirements: The aluminum foil packaging drug metal testing machine complies with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and relevant safety standards.
    6. Good stability: This device has good stability and repeatability, and can continuously provide reliable detection results.

    Application Scope

    Pharmaceutical factory: used to detect metal impurities in solid drugs, capsules, tablets, and other products packaged with aluminum foil.
    Pharmaceutical packaging enterprise: used to detect metal pollutants in aluminum foil packaging materials.
    Cosmetic industry: used to detect metal impurities in cosmetics packaged with aluminum foil, ensuring product safety.
    Food industry: used to detect metal foreign objects in food packaged with aluminum foil, ensuring food safety.
    Other industries: It can also be used in the production of aluminum foil packaging products that require detection of metal impurities.
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    Type SG-JH-250
    Belt width 250mm
    Belt speed 10-60m (adjustable); Stepless speed regulation
    Detection height H30mm-150mm (Highest 150mm )
    Metals that can be detected Fe, SUS304(magnetic material)
    Frequency Low frequency
    Waterproof level IP66
    Max product weight 3kg
    Deadweight of machine 80kg
    Rejection way Air blow, drop, push plate, lever(Need order separately)
    Customized Slope Type Metal Detector for Industrial4e0v


    *The above technical indicators are the surface test block detection data of the belt when the machine is empty.

    *Sometimes the detection sensitivity may vary depending on the product and usage environment.

    *If there are special needs, customization can be made according to customer requirements.
    Accurate Capsule Tablet Sample Check Weigher0168kDigtal All-metal Detector for Food Industry6dt2

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    A. Pre-sales
    Project design, performance introduction, technical agreement, contract signing, production testing and we can customized production according to your requirements.
    B. In-sales
    we will provide you with the latest process in the product assembly, packing and transportation.
    C. Installation
    1. We provide videos and instruction manual to show the process of installation.
    2. We provide training for installation for free.
    3. We can install the machine and provide training service on line.
    D. After-sales
    1. For our machines, we will provide some spare parts and easy broken parts free of charge when delivering.
    2. We will have one year free warranty period. During warranty period, if there is any malfunction for the machine, we will try our best to solve the problem within 24 hours. If there are some spare parts needed to be replaced, we will provide the spare parts for free. Beyond warranty, we will charge the cost price for spare parts.                                                      
    3. We provide technical support for our machines for life-long time. We can provide installation and maintenance service at your place if you need.

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