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SG-JS150 Check Weigher with Metal Detector Combo

Checkweigher With Metal Detector Combo

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SG-JS150 Check Weigher with Metal Detector Combo

Checkweigher and metal detector combo Machine is an on-line inspection equipment specially designed for fully automatic packaging lines. It can not only achieve accurate control of product weight and detect metal, but also automatically remove products with unqualified weight and foreign objects from the production line. Small space used, it is the most effective solution for end-of-line inspection and quality control.

    Check Weigher with Metal Detector Combo Detail Display

    Check weigher with metal detector combo detail displaydvj


    Type Digital Checkweigher With Metal Detector Combo
    Model SG-JS150
    Specifications 4010
    Detection of hole width detection 150mm
    Inspection hole height 100-200mm
    Detection sensitivity
    In empty state
    (H)100mm; Fe≥Φ0.8mm,SUS≥Φ1.2mm
    (H)120mm; Fe≥Φ1.0mm,SUS≥Φ1.8mm
    (H)150mm; Fe≥Φ1.2mm,SUS≥Φ2.0mm 
    (H)200mm; Fe≥Φ1.5mm,SUS≥Φ2.5mm
    Effective hole width detection 150mm
    Effective hole detection level 100-200m
    Weighing accuracy ±0.1g(Depend on product)
    Conveyor height 750mm(±50mm)
    Transmission capacity 10kg/times
    Transfer direction From left to right
    Conveyor belt max speed 25m/min
    Material for conveyor belt Food grade PU belt
    Protection grade IP65
    Display and operation mode LCD flat key input
    Deadweight of machine About 240kg
    Power supply requirements AC 220V 50HZ
    Power About 300w
    Overall dimensions About L2267*W589*H1500mm(Design drawing prevail)


    USB port
    RS485/232/LAN connection port
    Sound-light alarming lamp

    1. The properties of the tested product are also different from the usage environment, resulting in slight differences in actual detection speed and accuracy.
    2. The displayed machine is of standard specifications, and other sizes and special requirements can be customized.
    Wide Range Automatic Industrial Checkweigher System22ym


    1. Lightweight sructure, less floor space, easy connection with production line, high detection sensitivity and easy operation; it can save production line space to realize more quality control.
    2. Advanced technology, applying the latest muti-frequency detection technology, automatic elimination of material effects, automatic balance technology and self-adaptive adjustment technology brings the industry's simplest operation, best environmental adaptability and stability to the equipment.
    3. All stainless steel shock absorber structure design and production to ensure long-term stability and service life.
    4. Can memory 100 different products of the detection parameters, to avoid the detection error caused by artificial differences, and the downtime of the replacement product.
    5. Low-power design, flseal design equipment structure ensure the protetive efect of the electronic control partis best, and the protection level reach IP65, can last more than 15 years.
    6. High-precision digital load cell adopts high-speed digital filter processing and automatic zero tracking.


    The checkweigher and metal detector combo can be widely used for weight and metal testing after packaging in multiple fields such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, clothing, toys, rubber, etc. It is the preferred product for HACCP certification in the food industry and GMP certification in the pharmaceutical industry.
    SG-JS150 Check Weigher with Metal Detector Combo169r

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    1.  Warranty period: 1 year. During this period, if there is any non-human damage to them, we will provide free replacement parts.
    2.  Quality: The product quality will be strictly inspected, and each machine will be tested before packaging to ensure that it can function properly.
    3.  Technical service: After the machines are sold out, we will keep in touch with customers. If you need any assistance on the machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    4.  File service: We provide instructions and videos to teach you how to use and test the machine.
    5.  Accessories: We provide competitive price spare parts after the warranty period.

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