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SG-100HH Ultra-narrow Bottle Online Check Weigher

Automatic Checkweigher

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SG-100HH Ultra-narrow Bottle Online Check Weigher

Ultra-narrow bottle online check weigher is an online weighing device designed for small bottle, which is suitable for quality monitoring on the production line. Its characteristics include high precision, rapid response, good stability, easy operation and adaptability. The ultra-narrow bottle online check weigher can accurately measure the weight of ultra -fine bottles, ensure product quality, and improve production efficiency. Its concise and intuitive operating interface enables employees to get started quickly, while the ability to adapt to ultra -fine bottles that adapt to different sizes and shapes meets diverse production needs.


    Type SG-100HH
    Weighing Range 2-300g
    Limited of product L: 100 W: 100 H: 2-150mm
    Accuracy ±0.05g Depends on product
    Division Scale  0.01g
    Belt Speed
    0- 120 m/min
    Max Speed
    450 pcs/min
    Belt Width
    Machine Weight 150kg
    Power Supply AC 220V ±10% 50HZ
    Power 100W
    Main Material SU304 stainless steel
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    The maximum priority capacity and accuracy of the sighted scale, depending on the actual measurement, the selection department, and the application environment.
    The size is for reference only, customized

    This configuration can also be customized according to customer requirements.

    Customized projects are as follows:
    1. Tailor -made on the table.
    2. Tailor -made.
    3. The material can be tailored.
    4. Instrument and roller can be connected wirelessly,
    5. The instrument can comes with the USB storage function.
    6. The instrument can send weight data with Bluetooth.
    7. The instrument can choose to automate and quantitatively control the output function.
    8. External printer function.
    9. Built -in up and down limit alarm lamp function.
    10. External scanning gun function.

    Flexible Application

    SG-100HH online checkweigher Can adapt to ultra -narrow bottles of different sizes and shapes to meet diverse needs.
    SG-100HH Ultra-narrow Bottle Online Check Weighe2nqi

    Main Advantages

    1. High accuracy: equipped with high -precision sensors to ensure accurately measure the weight of ultra -fine bottles to ensure product quality.
    2. Fast speed: The device has a fast response function, which can complete the weight detection in a short time to help improve production efficiency.
    3. Stability: Equipment stability has been strictly tested and can maintain accurate measurement results in various environments.
    4. Simple operation: The equipment interface is simple and intuitive, easy to operate, so that employees can get started quickly.

    Our Strength

    Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of dynamic inspection heavy scale. The factory has excellent production equipment, advanced technical force, technical measurement, and complete quality institutions. The company's products are sold throughout many countries and regions in the world, such as Southeast Asia, the United States, and Europe.
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    12 Months Guarantee
    ★ 12 months free main parts change (Please return the damaged parts by airmail).
    ★ Overseas engineers available (You only have to pay part of the freight).

    All our machines can be customized , according to your product's features and your workshop environment, or your production line.

    After-sales Service Provided
    Engineers availbale to provide after-sales service overseas in order to help customers solve technical problems.

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