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Seafood Automatic Multi-Level Weight Sorting Machine

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Seafood Automatic Multi-Level Weight Sorting Machine

Multi-level weight sorting machines are mainly used for weighing and sorting machines in production lines, which can automatically sort and collect products of different weights according to set weight levels. The multi-level weight sorting machine adopts an imported special dynamic weighing device to achieve high-speed and stable measurement; the conveyor system adopts frequency conversion control to facilitate front and rear speed; the mechanical structure is simple, and it is quick to disassemble, assemble, clean and maintain.


    ■ Automatic weight sorting machine series equipment:
    1. Seafood grading: sea cucumber, abalone, squid, shellfish and other seafood. The automatic multi-level checkweigher automatically grades the weight of seafood on a scheduled basis and sorts it into designated categories or grade devices.

    2. Aquatic product grading: Fish, shrimp, crab and other aquatic products are classified into categories according to their requirements through our series of automatic multi-level checkweighers.

    ■ Automatic multi-level weight sorting checkweigher: automatically sort different aquatic products.

    ■ Customized line automatic multi-level weight sorting machiner: Shanghai ShiGan processes and customizes various in-line automatic weighing scale solutions and equipment according to the actual needs of users.
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    Type SG-D300
    Weighing Range 5-3000g
    Limited of product L: 350 W:300 H: 3-200mm
    Accuracy ±0.3g-0.5g Depends on product
    Division Scale 0.1g
    Belt Speed 0- 50 m/min
    Max Speed  60 pcs/min
    Belt Width 300mm
    Machine Weight 60kg+150kg
    Power Supply AC 220V 50HZ
    Power 1000W
    Main Material SU304 stainless steel
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    The multi-level weight sorting machine shown is for reference only and can be customized upon request.
    How to choose a multi-level weight sorting machine?
    - Confirm project requirements such as product size, weight, accuracy, expected speed.
    - Make sure the rack is stable and free of vibration when stationary or in operation.
    - Fine workmanship.
    - Components are of good quality and provide long-term reliable performance.
    - Easy to operate and use.
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    Multi-level Weight Sorting Machine Factory Photos

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    Multi-level weight sorting machine factory photos22h9


    1. Enhanced stainless steel rack; full waterproof design.
    2. High-precision digital load cell adopts high-speed digital filter processing and automatic zero tracking.
    3. Sorting level range and quantity can be customized according to customer needs
    4. Product features automatic learning function
    5. 50 sets of product presets; comprehensive product editing and storage
    6. Built-in report statistics, keep abreast of production status.

    Our Clients

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    Pre-sale service:
    1. Collect customer product information and requirements.
    2. Provide solutions and quotations for customer review within 12 hours after information collection.
    3. Hundreds of service cases and videos will help our customers better understand our machines.

    In sales service:
    4. Before mass production, send machine drawings to customers for approval.
    5. Track every production process to ensure on-time delivery.
    6. Send machine inspection video for customer approval before shipment.

    After-sales service:
    7. Provide manuals/videos for machine installation, adjustment, setup, maintenance to our customers.

    Online after-sales service:
    8. If the machine fails, we will respond within 4 hours and provide solutions within 24 hours via whatsapp, wechat and facebook. What's more, our engineering team can speak English, which can communicate more effectively.

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