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Multi-Lane Multi-Conveyor Line Strippack checkweigher System

Automatic Checkweigher

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Multi-Lane Multi-Conveyor Line Strippack checkweigher System

This multi-lane strippack checkweigher only needs one indicator to realize multi-channel weighing control, which is very space-saving. Multi-lane Strippack checkweigher can detect multi-column weight at the same time, which greatly improves the weighing speed and avoids empty bags, underweight and overweight bags.


    Type SG-10XM
    Weighing Range 2-300g
    Limited of product L: 180 W: 40 H: 2-20mm
    Accuracy ±0.01g Depends on product
    Division Scale  0.01g
    Each Channel Speed 
    70 pcs/min
    Belt Width 30mm
    Machine Weight 200kg
    Power Supply AC 110/220V ±10% 50HZ
    Power 300W
    Main Material SU304 stainless steel
    Multi-Lane Multi-Conveyor Line Strippack checkweigher System3okx

    Support ODM/OEM

    Our professional engineers will rigorously evaluate production line characteristics, specifications, environment and other factors to design the most suitable checkweigher solution for your production line to meet the different needs of various complex production lines. Multiple channels can be customized, such as 2 lines, 4 lines, 6 lines, 8 lines, etc.
    Multi-Lane Multi-Conveyor Line Strippack checkweigher System4f2x


    Large screen display,clear viewing and convenient operation.
    2. Chinese-English interface( Multiple languages can be customized).
    3. Weight of products can be compensated.
    4. Product qualification ratio can be showed in line graphs and bar charts.
    5. Three-level operation authority management, support self-set Password.
    6. 100 kinds data can store with strong data statistics function.
    7. Unqualified products are automatically rejected.
    8. Multi-channel passing products to improve production eficiency (the number of channels can be customized).

    10-Lane Checkweigher Display

    10-Lane Checkweigher Display6kv

    Using Range

    Applicable to a variety of industries: food, daily chemicals, aquatic products, poultry, toys, beverages, chemicals, electronics, hardware accessories, etc.
    Multi-Lane Multi-Conveyor Line Strippack checkweigher System5l00Multi-Lane Multi-Conveyor Line Strippack checkweigher System6yej

    Why Choose A Multi-Lane Strippack Checkweigher?

    The multi-lane strippack checkweigher has grown into the weight part of production operations and management. Its function is not only online weighing detection, but also can help production users optimize the entire production process:
    1. 100% online testing of each product to avoid penalties caused by poor quality.
    2. Parameters can be fed back to the front-end packaging equipment through weighing detection.
    3. It can optimize and improve the production process, improve equipment operation efficiency and save production materials.
    4. Reduce manual missed inspections, false inspections and quality rework, and maintain product and brand reputation.
    5. Save labor, improve quality inspection rate, and comprehensively improve product quality.
    Multi-Lane Multi-Conveyor Line Strippack checkweigher System7obkMulti-Lane Multi-Conveyor Line Strippack checkweigher System81nx


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