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High Sensitivity Industrial Metal Detector System

Metal Detector For Industrial

High Sensitivity Industrial Metal Detector System

The industrial metal detector system can accurately identify magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities in products, such as iron, copper, aluminum, tin, lead, stainless steel, etc. Industrial metal detector system also has a product effect adjustment function, which can independently adjust the detection sensitivity of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. When multiple metal signals pass through, the instrument will automatically detect the number of signal times, and the actuator will not miss during operation.

    Industrial Metal Detector System Detail Photos

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    Power AC220V ± 10% 50-60Hz
    Material 304 stainless steel body
    Working mode automatic&manual
    Channel size 500mm * 250mm (customizable)
    Belt speed 28m/min (customizable)
    Sensitivity Iron ball diameter( φ Mm) 0.6-0.8; 304 stainless steel diameter( φ Mm) 1.2; Non metals such as copper, aluminum, and lead( φ Mm) 1.2
    Size 1700 * 980 * 1100 (customizable)
    Ground clearance 750 ± 50mm (customizable)
    Operating environment Temperature -18~50 ° C
    High Sensitivity Industrial Metal Detector System12b3

    How to Choose A Industrial Metal Detector System?

    - Confirm project requirements, such as product size, weight, accuracy, and expected speed.
    - Ensure that the rack is stable and there is no vibration during rest or operation.
    - Exquisite workmanship.
    - The components have good quality and long-term reliable performance.
    - Easy to operate and use.
    - Special customization requirements.
    Wide Range Automatic Industrial Checkweigher System2op2High Sensitivity Industrial Metal Detector System2x96

    Using Range

    1. Detect metal impurities in industries such as food, medicine, toys, footwear, textiles, daily chemical products, and chemical products to ensure that there is no metal pollution in the products and provide reliable quality assurance.

    2. Detect metal impurities in raw materials in industries such as plastics, textiles, wood, and mining, protect critical equipment, reduce downtime, maintenance time and costs, and improve work efficiency.
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    Main Advantages

    1. The movement, main electrical components, and conveyor belt are imported, and the circuit control system is programmed with a computer chip, making the machine more accurate, reliable, and stable.
    2. This industrial metal detector system has an automatic control system, which uses special magnetic sensitive materials and special processes for scientific production, making the detection accuracy of the needle detector particularly high.
    3. This industrial metal detector system has the advantages of high detection accuracy and high detection thickness.
    4. Automatic detection, automatic sensing, 0-10 sensitivity stepless adjustment. When there is a broken needle, the conveyor belt automatically stops and returns.
    5. And industrial metal detector system has two alarm methods: sound effect and light.
    6. 10 minutes without detecting the automatic shutdown power-saving function.
    7. Luxurious appearance, innovative style, time-saving and power-saving, convenient and fast.

    Our Strength

    Shanghai Shigan Industry Co., Ltd. provides customers with multiple sets of metal detection machine solutions, from design, production and installation, to equipment debugging, professional maintenance, and a one-stop solution service provider. The quality of the metal testing machine products produced is reliable. The company always adheres to the production, sales, and service philosophy of "providing customers with precise customized metal testing equipment", firmly taking meeting customer needs as the primary goal, and striving to provide professional services and qualified products for customers.
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    Our Service

    Customer first is our consistent principle. Our normal warranty for all products is 12 months, with lifelong maintenance. Vulnerable accessories are sold at cost price. We provide necessary feedback or video guidance for daily problems, with 24-hour online service, and provide solutions as soon as problems arise. We are making every effort to provide our customers with the best service and products. We promise to remain responsible once our services begin.

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